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Rube Trade – Cosmetics Wholesale

RUBE Trade Ltd is a company that distributes cosmetic and beauty products in Estonia. We are dedicated to improving skin and hair health and appearance. We hope to become recognized as a leader in our local and international markets for carrying a diverse line of in demand cosmetics including haircare, body-and face creams, perfumes, makeup, and other accessories that will have a competitive edge towards customer satisfaction and retention at attractive prices.

Great customer experience

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Business sustainability

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value-based management

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Quality - reliability

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One of the most important aspects of a successful launch is a positive publicity for our cosmetics products. We will develop awareness campaigns to promote our products and brands. Our management team will fiercely pursue positive perception through societal endorsement promoting the benefits of our products by actively seeking local media coverage to help raise awareness.

We are situated in the heart of Tallinn and we have a rapidly developing online store, which makes the products easily accessible by our customers. An aggressive advertising campaign will be undertaken so that we can create much more awareness of our products than our competitors. Through our highly skilled management team and employees who will be in contact with our customers and keep a close eye on the market – we will lead our brands to success.

Our marketing strategy is to communicate through social media, Google advertising and email campaigning to generate sales. This will be spearheaded by our marketing team to manage the marketing campaign, in which we plan to use influencers and our brand ambassadors. The key message associated with our products is high quality beautifying cosmetics and skin care.

Our company has experienced members in various fields that are useful in the business. To make competent team of trustworthy staff for efficiency and effective operations. Provision of favorable working conditions to maintain a high degree of personal development and satisfaction of both employees and employers and ensuring that our employees are constantly trained where need arises.

Our company will ensure a close working relationship with our suppliers and provides customer feedback to the company so they can use consumer input in the enhancement of products.